Development and Construction

Our management philosophy is simple; we approach every project wearing the "owner's hat".  Commercial Building Contractors provides the necessary tools required to govern the development of a project from concept through completion of construction.  A detailed concept budget is established at the beginning of a project rather than after the bid process.  This concept budget is then used as a tool to guide the development/design process, performing multiple budget checks during the design phase to ensure there are no surprise cost overruns. 

Our Services Include:

  • Development Management

  • Construction Management

  • Concept Budgeting and Project Feasibility

  • Concept Design and Site Utilization

  • Finance and Appraisal Packages

  • Customized Project Pro Forma

  • Budget and Design Management

  • Open Book Accounting

  • Value Engineering and Design Suggestions

  • Segregated Cost Analysis for Depreciation

  • Competitive Subcontractor Bid Process

  • Complete Construction Services

Detailed Services:

Pre-Construction and Development

Initial Feasibility and Concept Budget

Provide a detailed budget estimate based on concept.  This budget is then used to govern the design phase and establish boundaries.

Finance Packaging

Provide assistance in securing financing by assembling a complete finance package at the "concept stage" of the project.  This package typically includes a detailed soft-cost and hard-cost budget, project schedule, detailed construction scope and submittals by division.

Project Rental and Lease Pro Forma

Provide a detailed Pro Forma identifying lease rates, rate of investment return and anticipated operating costs.

Design Team Management

Assist in solicitation of architects and engineers.

Budget Compliance

Provide multiple "rounds" of price verification throughout the design phase, including input from subcontractors to ensure budget compliance.

Competitive Bid

Manage a competitive subcontractor bid process, providing a minimum of three bids per construction division, to ensure competitive pricing.

Permit Procurement

Provide permit application, consultation and procurement.

Subcontractor Selection

In-depth review of subcontractor bids, careful selection of subcontractor and obtain of binding contracts.

Construction Management


Implementation and strict enforcement of Commercial Building Contractors safety program.

Project Supervision

Management of day-to-day activities, compliance of construction documents, maintenance of an accurate daily log, quality control, enforcement of safety policy, and adherence to the construction schedule.

Project Management

Management of budget compliance, construction documents, quality control, and financial distribution.

Cost Management

Management of construction costs, utilizing a detailed schedule of values that is regularly updated.

Progress Meetings

Regularly held, on-site construction progress meetings with subcontractors.


Track and continuous updating of critical and non-critical path, utilizing a detailed construction flow chart.


Scheduling and tracking of required governing inspections.

Project Close-Out

Completion Certificates

Obtain Occupancy Certificate and provide close-out documents.


Provide contractor and subcontractor warranty documents.

Operating and Maintenance Manual (O&Ms)

Assemble detailed operations and maintenance manuals including important project contact information, equipment manuals and warranty information.

As-built Documents

Provide detailed red-lined as-built documentation.

Segregated Cost Depreciation Schedule

Provide a report that can given to a CPA which includes information necessary to claim an accelerated rate of tax return on eligible construction components.