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  • Provide and review detailed site utilization plan.

  • Update and review master construction schedule.

  • Site pre-construction Meetings as required.

  • Posting of permits.

  • Set up of site construction trailer and/or site office.

  • Schedule regular progress meeting schedule.

Construction Management

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  • Review CBC safety program with Owner.

  • Review CBC safety program with subcontractors.

  • Verify required on site safety documentation from subcontractors.

  • Schedule 3rd party safety inspections as necessary.

  • Enforce safety program.

  • Discuss disciplinary action for violations with subcontractors.

  • Provide monthly safety report updates to Owner.

On-Site Full-Time Supervision

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  • Provide full-time on-site project supervision.

  • Enforcement of safety program.

  • Supervision to include daily logbook completion.

  • Quality control.

  • Schedule management.

  • Design and construction method compliance.

  • Subcontractor scheduling and coordination.

  • Coordinate any required third-party inspection.

  • Maintain thorough set of site construction documents with any redlined changes noted.

  • Site organization and cleanliness.

Project Management

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  • Coordinate with site Superintendent.

  • Provide safety agenda.

  • Direct progress meetings.

  • Review, approve and provide project documentation.

  • Maintain drawing and document logs.

  • Track and review construction budget.

  • Subcontractor and Owner invoices.

Cost Management

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  • Constantly review budget and enforce strict compliance.

  • Immediately notify Owner of any potential cost issues or necessary changes.

  • Review and approve all invoices prior to Owner review.

  • Provide monthly budget updates to Owner.


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  • Create construction Gantt chart schedule.

  • Enforce strict schedule adherence.

  • Review and update schedule accordingly at weekly progress meetings.

  • Notify Owner immediately of any potential changes or delay.


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  • Review inspection process with all governing jurisdictions.

  • Coordinate all required inspections.

  • Notify of any deficiencies and immediately correct.

  • Maintain good working relationship with inspectors.

Building Completion

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  • Generate punchlist/completion list.

  • Coordinate expedited completion of items on list.

  • Confirm all required inspections have been completed.

  • Final cleaning.

  • Building systems demonstrations with Owner.

  • Removal of all construction related equipment, unused material, retention devices.

Completion Certificates

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  • Obtain County issued Occupancy and Completion Certificates.

  • Obtain other governing completion certificates.


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  • Collect subcontractor warranty letters effective date of issuance of Occupancy Certificate.

  • Provide GC warranty letter effective date of issuance of Occupancy Certificate.

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

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  • Collect equipment manuals from subcontractors.

  • Collect any updated subcontractor equipment/install drawings.

  • Generate and provide clean set of redlined as-built drawings.

  • Provide cleaning and maintenance instructions.

As-built Documents

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  • Provide one complete set of detailed redlined as-built drawings noting any modifications or changes to Owner.

Lien Releases and Final Accounting Verification

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  • Verify final subcontractor invoices.

  • Disperse and/or approve final retention payments upon completion of all work, Punchlist items and documentation.

  • Collect final subcontractor lien releases.

  • Provide final master GC lien release.

Segregated Cost Depreciation Schedule

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  • Provide final detailed cost breakdown at direction of Owner for building depreciation schedule.

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